We live in an increasingly competitive and global market place. When coupled with the impact of regulation both from a cost and governance perspective it is now more important than ever to ensure that HR Strategy and Process is closely aligned with the business.

At MacKenzie Young we focus on the relationship between Strategy and People in a number of different ways, whether by looking at the adequacy of HR Policy & Strategy or ensuring that senior management are equipped to deliver the HR objectives.

The MacKenzie Young Approach
As business people ourselves, recognising the demands on time and the need for cost effective delivery, we look for areas where greatest added value can be achieved by working with MacKenzie Young. We seek to build long term relationships with clients rather than seeing individual assignments as "just another contract". In doing so, the consultancy will deliver a range of products and services which will improve business performance. These products and services are detailed in the 'Services' section.

There can be many reasons to seek improved performance and many reasons why performance is failing at present - each of these issues will require a tailor made approach for your business.

MacKenzie Young specialises in Group and Individual Executive Coaching, 360 Degree Appraisal & Feedback Facilitation, Change Management, HR Strategy and Mediation.