Workplace Investigations

The need for the independent investigation of workplace conflicts such as bullying and harassment has become more evident in recent times.

Investigating bullying, harassment or workplace grievances is a complex and demanding process which needs to be undertaken in a professional yet sympathetic manner. Too often, the result of workplace conflict is a move into formal process and the requirement for some kind of investigation, either internally or externally delivered. The sad fact is that when circumstances reach this stage, there are no winners and often the outcome is divisive and unsatisfactory to all concerned.

For that reason, it is imperative that investigations are delivered by suitably qualified investigators who have the experience to deal effectively with all of the parties concerned, whilst recognising the importance of adherence to required process.

Can a company gain any benefit from the process?
The answer to that question is definitely 'yes' provided that the company is prepared to address the issues and recognises the benefits which may include:

  • The investigation can identify weaknesses in company processes, for example, not dealing with conflict earlier
  • There can be a lack of clarity regarding company policy on key issues such as bullying
  • There may be inadequate training of managers on policy or how to deal with conflict
  • The policy can identify a lack of company interest or an acceptance of the fact that it has always been that way
  • A failure to be proactive and to promote best practice

There can be positives outcomes from a professionally delivered investigation to an open minded company.

The MacKenzie Young investigation service
MacKenzie Young is committed to providing a visibly professional service which recognises best practice while at the same time reflects the needs of the client and their policy and practices.

The service is characterised by:

  • professionally trained investigators
  • investigators with many years of practical business experience
  • a broad skill base which ensures that issues, when they undoubtedly emerge, can be dealt with in a sensitive and timely manner
  • investigators who have worked in the public and private sectors
  • investigators who are accredited mediators

Investigations Factsheet
If you would like further information on the MacKenzie Young investigation service, this can be downloaded from the news and articles section section of the website.